TrampleTek™ Blue

Smart Home magic with every step

The Kickstarter has ended,
but you can still pre-order TrampleTek Blue!

TrampleTek™ Blue

Expect more from your floor!

Crafted from advanced textile sensors and innovative technical embroidery techniques, this durable and discreet pressure sensor has a built-in Bluetooth and WiFi ESP32 architecture, allowing Home Automation enthusiasts to customize the output to control any smart device of their choosing!

Features & Benefits

ESPHome and Home Assistant Compatible

Seamlessly integrate TrampleTek Blue into your home automation ecosystem with preloaded ESPHome, ensuring immediate Home Assistant compatibility.


Tailor to your unique requirements by reprogramming it with the Arduino or Espressif IDE, offering limitless customization potential.

Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities

With the integrated ESP32 microcontroller, effortlessly control a range of Bluetooth or WiFi devices, bringing smart control right to your feet.

Durable & water resistant

Engineered for resilience, it excels in sensing pets, people, or vehicles, both inside and outside, ensuring reliability in various environments.

Revolutionary Technology

Blending cutting-edge textile sensor technology with smart home automation, redefining convenience and interaction in your living space.

(Optional) Bluetooth Socket Control

Opt for hassle-free setup with TrampleTek Blue pre-configured to control a nearby socket, offering an immediate and enjoyable foot-controlled device experience!

TrampleTek Blue comes with:

TrampleTek Blue mat
USB wall plug
10 ft. USB-C power cable
(optional) Bluetooth wall socket

Transform Your Home with a Step:

Your home automation customization possibilities are endless with TrampleTek Blue!

Check out OUR TIKTOK for more ideas!