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Developing the next generation of smart textiles.

Powerful tools that make data collection simple. Our game changing pressure sensor floor mats give businesses the ability to capture statistics and leverage analytics with unparalleled accuracy.

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Solutions for


Gain a competitive edge with customer journey data.


Gather anonymous data from hard to see places.

Trade Shows

Be the best in show with precise visitor analytics.

People counting systems designed for the future

Discover the wealth of information right beneath your feet. Our proprietary pressure sensor floor mats collect high resolution data at a fraction of the market price, creating better solutions for security, foot traffic analysis, and pattern discovery.

E-textiles built to last

Our floor mats are crafted with premium textiles, creating people counting systems that are as durable as they are precise. Using ASC’s multiple on site industrial grade textile machines we offer shortened manufacturing times and reduced costs.

Premium protection, ultimate privacy

Conduct high level surveillance while preserving the anonymity of uninvolved parties. Our pressure sensor floor mats are ultra sensitive, giving them the ability to identify the same individual based on shoe size, weight, stride length, and gait.

Meet our team

Built by the best

With over 30 years of combined experience, our co-founders are on a mission to create cost-efficient smart textiles for the modern world.

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Discover the power of ASC.
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