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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 2, 2009 CTIA Wireless 2009

Pulse will represent NSGDatacom’s Nx2200 series of voice compression products designed specifically for IP, cellular and wireless markets

CHANTILLY, VA – April 2, 2009 – NSGDatacom is pleased to announce a partnership with Pulse Communications to provide portable office communications systems for mobile voice, fax and data services. One of the biggest challenges facing many utilities, emergency services and corporations is how to rapidly deploy office communications in mobile or temporary locations.
According to Pulse President, Sal Costantino, “The Nx2200 series is ideal for providing emergency backup or basic communications at temporary or mobile sites. For example, a utility company can provision trucks, trailers and temporary contractors with units pre-configured with controlled access capability. Emergency services can strategically locate units throughout the U.S. for ready rapid deployment.

The Nx2200 series provides complete remote office communications with 2.4. 8 analog ports or T1 interfaces for voice and fax telephone connectivity plus data bandwidth for Ethernet (IP) and serial data applications. An integrated management system is remotely accessible by the designated operations manager and provides complete control over the use and access capabilities of each unit. Each unit is compatible with 2 VDC, 120VAC and 220 VAC power sources and can be used in conjunction with the broadband wireless service provided by the cellular carrier of choice (EVDO Rev A or HSUPA).” Costantino continued, “We are seeing the same needs for rapid deployment in many diverse customer environments. IP, Cellular and Wireless markets are growing rapidly and Pulse welcomes the Nx2200 as a real enabler.”

Bill Grant Executive Vice President of Global Sales NSGDatacom stated, “The challenge facing all businesses in the current economic environment is how to economically and quickly roll out voice and data services, provide economic backup to these circuits, and reduce OPEX. The Nx2200 series provides solutions to all these challenges via rapidly deployable voice compression gateways designed specifically for bandwidth challenged environments. These products are ideally suited to transport voice, fax, data and video over the 3G and 4G enabled networks.

Pulse’s nationwide offices and extensive global experience in providing top tier, world class technical solutions to carriers, ISP’s, CLECs and businesses of all sizes makes them a valuable addition to the NSGDatacom family of partners.”
For more information contact Pulse toll free USA 888-785-7393; Intl 951-694-1173; www.pulsewan.com

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