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CHANTILLY, VA — January 21, 2008 — NSGDatacom is pleased to introduce a new portable office communications system for mobile voice, fax and data services. One of the biggest challenges facing many utilities, emergency services and corporations is how to rapidly deploy office communications in mobile or temporary locations. NSG delivers the Nx2205CAS, a hardened briefcase that provides instant PSTN quality voice and fax, plus IP and serial data services at any location using a local broadband wireless data service.

The Nx2205CAS includes a pre-configured cellular data modem and NSGDatacom’s Nx2205 Network exchange, with cables and AC/DC power options. Within 2 minutes of arriving on site, full PSTN quality voice, fax and broadband IP data services can be established using a local broadband wireless service. For organizations with a headquarters PBX, each handset can operate as a directly connected long-line extension with its own unique extension number. No cell phone connections are used.

The Nx2205CAS is Ideal for providing emergency backup or basic communications at temporary or mobile sites. Utilities can provision trucks and temporary contractors with units pre-configured with controlled access capability. Emergency services can strategically locate units throughout the U.S., ready for rapid deployment.

The Nx2205CAS provides complete remote office communications with 2, 4, 8 or more ports of voice and fax telephone connectivity plus data bandwidth for Ethernet (IP) and serial data applications. An integrated management system is remotely accessible by the designated operations manager and provides complete control over the use and access capabilities of each unit. Each unit is compatible with 12 VDC, 120 VAC and 220 VAC power sources and can be used in conjunction with the broadband wireless service provided by the cellular carrier of choice (EVDO Rev A or HSDPA).

The Nx2205CAS is the latest in a line of PSTN quality integrated voice, fax and data network exchanges available from NSGDatacom. For more information about these and the new portable office system for mobile voice, fax and data services, please contact Bill Grant, Vice President, Sales at 703 793 1089.

last updated: 13-October-14