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Automatic Backup for T1/E1 Circuits over IP or Satellite

CHANTILLY, VA — August 08, 2006 — Our newest application brief is “Automatic Backup for T1/E1 Circuits over IP or Satellite. It provides details on how the Netrix Network Exchange (Nx) 2200 product family offers operators a cost effective way to automatically monitor and backup critical T1/E1 voice/data circuits that may be subject to outage due to intermittent or catastrophic failure. In the event of failure, Nx2200 products automatically compress and route toll quality voice and data over an alternate network connections, and allow controlled redeployment to the primary link when it is re-established. This helps operators maintain customer service levels, and minimize potential revenue losses during unplanned network outages. More importantly, it can eliminate critical delays in re-establishing communications to an area suffering from hostile activity or natural disaster.

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last updated: 13-October-14