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NSGDatacom Announces the New Dynapatch RJ45 ‘Normal-through’ Patching System

Chantilly, VA — March 20,2006 — NSGDatacom announces the Modular RJ45 Patching Systems for Ethernet and T1/E1, the newest development in our Dynetcom Dynapatch® Patching products. This new product will be showcased at our booth #2214 at TelecomNext in Las Vegas.

The RJ45 Patching system is a compact, modular form of our RJ45 Patch Panel announced in November 2005. Each 2U high, 19” wide rack-mountable panel supports 24 circuits towards the premises (DTE) wiring side and 24 circuits towards the equipment (DCE) side, with optional ‘normal through’ relays that automatically disconnect upon insertion of a patch cord. The panel is divided into six, 4-circuit (8 port) field replaceable modules.

The premise and the equipment wiring both attach to the rear of the panel to provide a clean installation with significantly less visible wiring than traditional patching. The panel also incorporates an optional patch cord trace feature. At the push of a button, LEDs at both ends of a patch cord turn orange, making it easy to trace connections between multiple panels, or when cables are neatly dressed. Under normal operation the LEDs function as green activity indicators

Rich Yalen, CEO said, “We are pleased to add the RJ Patching System to our portfolio of Dynetcom products. This product brings a new standard to reliable and flexible patching.”

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