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NSGDatacom Announces The Launch Of The Model 4539 High Speed Data Modem

CHANTILLY, VA — February 22, 2006 — NSGDatacom announced today the launch of the Model 4539 High Speed Data Modem, the newest addition to the Frederick Electronics High Frequency (HF) product line. The modem is capable of transmitting and receiving single tone (PSK/QAM) data at rates from 75 bps to 9,600 bps over a single-sideband radio channel.

The 19” rack-mountable, multi-mode modem is designed to meet the performance requirements of the latest U.S. and NATO HF modem standards including U.S. MIL-STD-188-110A/B, and NATO STANAG 4539. Additional waveforms include STANAG 4285, STANAG 4529, STANAG 4481, STANAG 4415, and standard FSK.

The Model 4539 is capable of successful data reception and transmission over the most demanding HF environments. Adaptive equalization mitigates the effects of HF channel multi-path. Convolutional encoding coupled with soft-decision Viterbi decoding provide error correction. Cancellation of narrowband co-channel interference is accomplished by adaptive tone excision filtering, capable of automatically removing up to four unwanted interfering signals.

Operational parameters are selectable from the front panel display or via remote control.

For more details on this product please visit our website at www.nsgdata.com.

last updated: 13-October-14