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Takachicho Koheki Co., Ltd of Japan Has Begun Deploying Several Million Dollars of NSGDatacom's Series 2500 Network Exchange Data Switches for a Banking Application in Japan

CHANTILLY, VA - October 7, 2002 - Tokyo, Japan based Takachicho Koheki Co., Ltd, (TK), traded on the JASDAQ, and specializing in systems integration, the distribution of high tech products and the distributor of NSGDatacom, has recently begun deploying several million dollars of NSGDatacom's (NSG) Series 2500 Network Exchange Data Switches . TK is installing these switches into an application which will allow a banking institution in Japan to process transaction related data. Over the next 12 months TK plans to install this equipment in 8 prefectures throughout Japan.

The acquisition six months ago by NSG of Nx Networks' assets and Intellectual Property, including the Series 2500 Network Exchange Data Switches, and NSG's long-term commitment to support and develop the products, has given TK and its clients the confidence to expand the use of NSG products.

The Series 2500 Network Exchange Data Switches are high-performance, multi-service switching platforms. They combine ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, TDM and ISDN for data, voice and image applications. Functioning as an enterprise backbone switch, the Series 2500 provides cost-effective bandwidth management of public, private and hybrid networks, with extensive network management and diagnostic capabilities.

Rich Yalen, CEO of NSG said, "We are pleased to continue to provide the products and support which TK requires in order to meet the exacting requirements of its customers. We look forward to building our partnership with TK by offering versatile technology and a commitment to long-term support."

About Takachiho Koheki Co., Ltd.
TK began by importing first-generation mainframe computers from Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys) in 1952, and with each new wave in technology we have adapted and expanded. Today TK is turning its attention to a new set of challenges. We are improving our abilities both to anticipate new market trends and to capitalize on the latest technological developments such as advanced multimedia and Internet-related technologies. Our skilled research teams and strategically-located offices in Silicon Valley and Israel keep us in the vanguard of technological change, and through the innovative combination of cutting-edge electronics technologies, support our expansion into new business fields. Through all its activities, TK continues to pursue tomorrow's technology today. Additional information about TK can be found online at www.takachiho-kk.co.jp.

NSG is a privately owned telecommunications company that manufactures, sells and supports a wide range of industry leading voice and data communications products for access, concentration, routing and switching in critical carrier and enterprise applications. NSG completed the acquisition of the products and intellectual property of Nx Networks and Advanced Switching Communications in March 2002 and July 2002, respectively. NSG products are deployed in over 100 countries worldwide. Customers include corporate, financial, government and overseas telephone company networks. Additional information about NSG can be found online at www.nsgdata.com or by calling 1 703 793 2002.

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