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Notes on the Nx2222, the Bandwidth Optimization Router

We are excited about being able to offer our customers a Triple Play of Bandwidth Optimization Applications with the Nx2222:

  • [Nx2222 Product Image]Multiservice Optimisation and Mediation Providing efficient, cost saving Data and Voice handling over low bandwidth IP connections such as VSAT or wireless.
  • Disaster Recovery - Automatically back up some or all of terrestrial T1s/E1s with either wireless or satellite connectivity, and minimize bandwidth requirements.
  • Voice Compression - Proprietary compression algorithms provide up to 16:1 compression. Interoperable with standard VoIP/SIP, reducing IP network packet overheads.

To deliver this Triple Play of Bandwidth Optimization Applications, we have developed a new state-of-the-art, central office ready, platform:

  • [Nx2222 Back Angle Product image]Supports up to 18 T1s/E1s, or 28 Analog voice, with 10 high speed serial and up to 8 Ethernet ports.
  • Modular architecture, hot swappable cards, redundant AC/DC power supplies and alarms.
  • 1U high chassis

Delivering the Triple Play of Bandwidth Optimization Applications over a state-of-the-art platform requires a sophisticated Network Management System (NMS). The Nx2222 includes the proven Netrix NMS deployed in hundreds of sites around the world, allowing the customer to monitor, configure and administer the network from anywhere in the world via a sophisticated GUI interface.

The Nx2222 will help you save costs, add resiliency to your network and optimize your IP bandwidth.

Click here for the Nx2222 Datasheet

last updated: 2-June-15