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Voice and Data Aggregation • Voice Compression • Remote Access Servers (RAS) • Banking and Brokerage IP Systems • Telemedicine • Emergency Services • Disaster Recovery • 3G/4G Wireless • Satellite Voice and Data Optimization • Radio Tie Lines (RTNA) over IP • Military Communications • Deployable Patch Panels • A/B Switching • Mobile HF Modems • HF Channel Management • Troops Phone Home • Legacy Systems Migration • Patching & A/B Switching Systems • Air Traffic Control • Utility SCADA • M2M Wireless • Airborne HF Modems • 

Welcome to NSGDatacom  -  the connectivity company

Product Divisions

Session Border Controllers,
SD WANS, Voice & Data
Optimization over LTE
Dynetcom Patch Panels
and A/B Switching
ADC Patchmate replacement
HF Modems & ALE Controllers for
Mobile and Military Applications

NSGDatacom Inc., develops and manufactures a range of innovative telecommunication solutions for conventional and SD WAN networks. We can provide off-the-shelf or customized solutions including our virtualized, industry leading SD Voice for integration within SD WANs.


Our SD Voice solutions

  • optimize quality of service and resource allocation over hybrid SD WANs,
  • operate seamlessly between terrestrial, satellite and wireless networks.

Fortune 1000, Financial and Telecom customers use our VoIP Gateways and Protocol Converters extensively.


Military Communications around the world have relied on our Voice Compression, HF Data Modems and Modular Patch Panel Systems for over 20 years.




Volte Systems - optimizing communication everywhere

Volte Systems - optimizing communication everywhere

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